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  • Waldersbach

    Hiking trail C20: Jean-Frédéric Oberlin, the Enlightenment pastor

    Jean-Frédéric Oberlin, the Protestant pastor from Ban de la Roche, lived in Waldersbach for 59 years and died here in 1826. The Oberlin Museum has pro...

  • Fouday

    Hiking trail C02: The Oberlin Trail

    A trip through the heart of the Ban-de-la-Roche area, in the footsteps of the famous 18th-century pastor and educator, Jean Frédéric Oberlin.

  • Fouday

    Hiking trail C04: In the footsteps of Pastor Oberlin

    The landscapes along this beautiful trail testify to the wide-ranging work of an exceptional man, Pastor J-F. Oberlin. The Reposoirs, relaxing groves ...

  • Blancherupt

    Hiking trail C01: Around the smallest village in Alsace

    The saying goes that everything small is cute. And it's not wrong. With just 38 inhabitants, Blancherupt is the smallest village in Alsace and certain...

  • Fouday

    Restaurant Julien

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