Practical information

Shelters and picnic areas

The storm is rumbling and so are our stomachs... Here you will find a little cabin or an area adapted for a break, to enjoy a picnic or a countryside party in the open air.


Triangles, discs or tripods? The Club Vosgien markings are unique in Europe. They make it easy to join up with an unrivalled network of hiking trails in Alsace, with its natural riches and most beautiful landscapes. Here are the key facts and figures.


From 19 to 70 beds. For a hiking weekend or just an overnight stay in Vosges, choose simple and practical accommodation with great value for money for your family or friends.


In all seasons, call on the services of a qualified guide for your outing, hike or trek. Guides are on hand to help and bring to life the local fauna and flora with the guarantee of an experience "off the beaten track".


The Bruche Valley offers a daily invitation to make your way through the magnificent landscapes of the Vosges mountains, to walk, to get some fresh air... and quite simply to enjoy nature. At dusk... Here, you will find places to spend the night out of doors in a simple way in harmony with nature. Bivouacking is allowed as long as visitors strictly respect nature.

Associations and federations

Need some professional tips, want to walk in a group or help take care of the valley footpaths? In Alsace, the associations are on hand to give you advice and share their love of nature and the enjoyment of hiking.

Equipment rental

Travel light! No need for stress. All through the year professionals can provide you with equipment adapted to your leisure activities and made-to-measure tips.

Nordic walking

Nordic walking is another way of walking, which is much more active. Nordic Walking is an enhanced walking technique that uses poles to work your upper body as well as your legs. It gives you a highly effective all over workout that doesn’t feel like one! The principle is very simple: it is a question of accentuating the natural swinging movements of the arms during walking and propelling the body forward using two sticks which allow you to go faster and further.