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Nordic walking

What is Nordic walking?

Nordic walking is another way of walking, which is much more active. Nordic Walking is an enhanced walking technique that uses poles to work your upper body as well as your legs. It gives you a highly effective all over workout that doesn’t feel like one! The principle is very simple: it is a question of accentuating the natural swinging movements of the arms during walking and propelling the body forward using two sticks which allow you to go faster and further. When done correctly, it can engage up to 80% of your muscles (triceps, abdominals, glutes, etc.) and offer an intense  cardio-respiratory workout. The pace is faster than in traditional walking, energy expenditure is increased and fatigue is less felt thanks to the support of the poles. Unlike running, Nordic walking puts less strain on joints than other activities.

With the help of a Nordic walking trainer, the technique is learned quickly and allows each new walker to enjoy this activity from the start.

The benefits of Nordic walking

  • Lighter load on the joints
  • Improved cardio-respiratory capacities
  • General muscle building
  • Increased blood flow


The technique

Technique marche nordique EN

Colbéry Nordic walking route

Find the details of the three course levels below:

Warm-up and stretching exercises are available in the “Nordic Walking” section of the association’s website.The Schirmeck Vosges hikers.

For all fitness levels course : The St. Oury forest road

Are you getting back into physical activity, want to try Nordic walking?

The green course is suitable for all ages and fitness levels

Get ready  for 6.5 km > 1hr 20 mins – 1h 25 mins

Medium level course : The Colbery shelter

Do you have a weekly physical activity, do you want to increase the intensity of your walks ?

The blue course is for you.

Get ready for  for 7.5 km > 1hr 40 mins  – 1hr 45 mins

Advanced  level course : Between the Abri du Colbéry and the forest road of St. Oury

Are you an experienced athlete and  used to Nordic walking?

The red route and its elevations are perfect for  you.

Get ready  for 10.4 km > 2 hrs – 2 hrs 15 mins


Little practical advice

  • Choose a route that suits your level 
  • Wear appropriate outdoor trail shoes 
  • Use nordic walking poles
  • Adapt your outfit to the weather conditions
  • Make sure you’re staying properly hydrated 
  • Avoid nordic walking on hunting days or stormy days. View the calendar of hunting days (between the end of August and the beginning of February): Communal Forest of SCHIRMECK: https://www.ville-schirmeck.fr– National Forest of Donon: https://www.onf.fr 


To practice nordic walking

Our association The Schirmeck Vosges hikers offers nordic walking induction, training and regular practice sessions run by qualified instructors.