📢 New! “Hel’eau la Bruche”, a geolocated network of water points to fill your water bottle!

On foot


The trails are easily accessible and signposted with information panels along the way. A chance to explore the region's hidden heritage: contemporary art, poetry, memorial sites, etc.


Panoramic paths on the balcony between the Vosges and Alsace but always in the Bruche valley! We have selected for you walks with breathtaking views. Savour the moment and let yourself be won over by the emotion of these grandiose landscapes, in all their simplicity.

My favourite spot

There are places where you would like time to stand still... Locals can introduce you to their little piece of paradise, the stuff of their dreams and where they love to take it easy.

Cool and shady trails

Want a refreshing break? Listen to the soothing sound of the Bruche waters lapping.

With your family

A whole programme of fun hikes adapted to children of all ages. Here they'll love to walk, it's guaranteed!


Unmissable walks and hikes in the Vosges. The Bruche valley is one of the most beautiful hikes in the Vosges, between spectacular landscapes and intimate places. 500 km of marked paths offer an incredible diversity of landscapes. Follow the streams, walk along the ridges, cross the deep forests, discover the remains of a castle or soak up the energy of vibrating places...

At altitude

Hiking at altitude on the crests of the Vosges. If the peaks are calling you, the paths of the Bruche valley have something to offer you! Whether you want to push your limits or go for a leisurely stroll, open your eyes wide and prepare yourself for an intense encounter with nature.

Orienteering course

An orienteering map, a compass and you're on your way! Enjoy a walk in a natural setting, explore the surroundings and find the next marker!

Touring trips

No need for a backpack. Travel light and enjoy the valley to the full from east to west or north to south. When you arrive in the late afternoon, your bags will already be there!

Near farmhouse restaurants

Discover the world of highland agriculture as you make your way from farm to farm and take your time to enjoy a great meal featuring local specialities!