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Hiking trail C01: Around the smallest village in Alsace

  • OTVB / PrĂĽckner
Duration 2h Length 7 Km Vertical rise 204 m Difficulty Easy Departing from Blancherupt
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The saying goes that everything small is cute. And it's not wrong. With just 38 inhabitants, Blancherupt is the smallest village in Alsace and certainly has a special charm. An award-winning advertising campaign in the 1990s said: "There's nothing in Blancherupt... nothing but what matters." What more encouragement do you need to visit this little piece of paradise? View map

Further information

Latitude 48.406909573881
Longitude 7.1926628292931
Elevation 204 m
Duration 2h
Lenght 7 Km
Level of difficulty Easy
Car park Main street, just before the church
Departure point Church
Nearest station Fouday

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