Hiking trail C08 : The heights of Natzwiller

Duration All day Length Vertical rise Difficulty Expert Departing from Natzwiller
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This hike goes through a memorial site, the Struthof camp at the former granite quarry where prisoners in forced labour extracted stones from the mountain that were used to make the road for the camp among other things... After visiting the quarry, the panoramic and botanical trail is a breath of fresh air. The trail on a ledge has fantastic vistas all the way along over the picturesque Rothaine Valley. View map

Further information

Latitude 48.437796075312
Longitude 7.2507521057129
Duration All day
Level of difficulty Expert



  • Natzwiller

    Ferme Auberge du Charapont

    "Specialist chicken, turkey, capon, duck, goose and guinea fowl breeding farm. Specialities: foie gras, duck pie, homemade terrine, cockerel in ries...

  • Natzwiller

    Ferme Auberge du Charapont

    Foie gras, terrines, poultry, rillettes, apple juice, honey, condiments, jam, syrups etc. Booking required.

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