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Ferme Auberge du Charapont



Specialist chicken, turkey, capon, duck, goose and guinea fowl breeding farm. Specialities: foie gras, duck pie, homemade terrine, cockerel in riesling etc. Farm produce available to buy: poultry, terrines, rillettes, honey, condiments etc. Possible closure, book in advance. View map


  • Natzwiller

    Hiking trail C08 : The heights of Natzwiller

    This hike goes through a memorial site, the Struthof camp at the former granite quarry where prisoners in forced labour extracted stones from the moun...

  • Natzwiller

    Hiking trail C09: The panoramic trail

    This hillside trail takes you on a wonderful walk with a chance to see the local trees and plants overlooking the village of Natzwiller. It can boast ...

  • Belmont

    Hiking trail CDF02: The Serva waterfall via the Sommerhof

    4-hour hike including the Serva Waterfall via the Sommerhof. Average difficulty with steep slopes from time to time.

  • Natzwiller

    Hiking trail C22: Former Natzweiler-Struthof camp

  • Natzwiller

    Ferme Auberge du Charapont

    Foie gras, terrines, poultry, rillettes, apple juice, honey, condiments, jam, syrups etc. Booking required.

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