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Swimming pool



The main attraction in Bellefosse in summer is its outdoor pool. It was built in 1936 by members of the Bellefosse Strasbourg ski club who fell in love with this little mountain village. Nestled at an altitude of 750m, 5 mins from Champ du Feu, next to the Ski Club centre and 200m from the Ferme Auberge, it was supplied by water straight from the spring for a long time. Bellefosse Council conducted extensive renovation work and brought the pool up to standard in 1997. With the modern installation of heating and water treatment, there is no doubt that the 10x20m pool in Bellefosse is unique at this altitude. 2015-2016: 2 years of extensive work * A new retaining wall and reconfigured access The retaining wall that had been there since the pool was first built had shown signs of weakness for some time. It ended up crumbling in autumn 2014 so the Council decided to build a new riprap wall. The wall's construction required a new fence. View map

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Latitude 48.399768938839
Longitude 7.2114193439484


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