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Colbéry Nordic Walking Tour: Between the Abri du Colbéry and the forest road of St. Oury

  • ©Stéphane Spach - ADT
Duration 2h30 min Length 10 Km Vertical rise 331 m Difficulty Challenging Departing from Schirmeck
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Nordic walking is another way of walking, which is much more active. Nordic Walking is an enhanced walking technique that uses poles to work your upper body as well as your legs. It gives you a highly effective all over workout that doesn’t feel like one! The principle is very simple: it is a question of accentuating the natural swinging movements of the arms during walking and propelling the body forward using two sticks which allow you to go faster and further .When done correctly, it can engage up to 80% of your muscles (triceps, abdominals, glutes, etc.) and offer an intense cardio-respiratory workout.The pace is faster than in traditional walking, energy expenditure is increased and fatigue is less felt thanks to the support of the poles. Unlike running, Nordic walking puts less strain on joints than other activities. This activity takes the strain off your joints, improves your cardio-pulmonary capacity, strengthens your muscles and stimulates your blood circulation. View map

Further information

Latitude 48.488510159541
Longitude 7.218094145457
Elevation 331 m
Duration 2h30 min
Lenght 10 Km
Level of difficulty Challenging
Car park Colbéry Parking
Departure point Colbéry Parking
Nearest station Schirmeck - La Broque

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