Hiking trail B20: From the Grotte du Loup to the giant sequoia by the Eimerbaechel

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Duration 2h30 min Length 7,32 Km Vertical rise 209 m Difficulty Easy Departing from Lutzelhouse
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This hike is a beautiful forest walk that takes you on a discovery of some of the region's hidden gems. It starts from Lutzelhouse, a typical village in the Bruche valley. All in all, this tour is an excellent opportunity to discover the region's varied nature and landscapes. You'll be able to explore a variety of places while recharging your batteries in an unspoilt natural setting. Along the way, you'll appreciate several points of interest: Grotte du Loup, a small natural cavity hidden in the forest. The Giant Sequoia, a majestic tree that stands proudly in the forest and will impress you with its size and age. View map

Further information

Latitude 48.52858
Longitude 7.29596
Elevation 209 m
Duration 2h30 min
Lenght 7,32 Km
Level of difficulty Easy
Car park Maison forestière du Sperl parking lot
Departure point Former Sperl forest house
Nearest station Mulbach-sur-Bruche - Lutzelhouse



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