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Les Scènes Sauvages : ISADORA DUNCAN

Duration 1h30 min Wildersbach


With this piece conceived for Elisabeth Schwartz, Jérôme Bel continues the series of portraits of dancers initiated in 2004, focusing on the figure of Isadora Duncan, of whom she is a specialist. Unlike Véronique Doisneau, Cédric Andrieux, and Pichet Klunchun and myself, this is the first time that Jérôme Bel has painted a portrait of a deceased choreographer, based on her autobiographical account, Ma Vie. Jérôme Bel discovers under the novelistic character a visionary choreographer who, through her great freedom of expression, privileging spontaneity and naturalness, provided the foundations of modern dance, at the origin of contemporary dance. Mixing discursive and sensitive registers, spoken moments and danced solos, the show revives the memory of free dance by associating choreographic knowledge with the experience of performance. Linked to Jérôme Bel's concerns about dance as a lever for emancipation, Isadora Duncan's teaching is reactivated here to assert its critical potential. View map

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