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Gaëlle Hochstetter




""Spirit of place"" Gaëlle Hochstetter's favourite spot It's not that I want to keep this secret little spot to myself... Or play guessing games. But, the thing is that it deserves it. Otherwise the magic doesn't work. And the spirit of place wouldn't come and watch over you... So here are a few clues to get you on your way. A few personal feelings to make you want to get there... And I'll let you see it for yourself. To start with, you have a choice. It's in the centre of the world! Well, my world. Ban de la Roche, where I come from, is very nearby. When you have Ranrupt, where I work, at your feet. When you can see all of Colroy la Roche where I live. When you get up close and personal with the Grand Climont, you'll be there! Well, maybe... You still have to find the exact spot. It's a bit above Promont Farm and you can already sense the peace of the place. View map

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Latitude 48.373981
Longitude 7.19895

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