Champ du feu footpath

  • La tour du Champ du Feu © OTVB
  • Hiver au Champ du Feu © OTVB
  • Sentier piéton, Champ du Feu © OTVB
  • Chapelle, Champ du Feu © OTVB
  • Les Vieux Prés, Champ du Feu © OTVB
  • Sortie neige, Champ du Feu © OTVB / Stéphane Spach
Duration 1h Length 5 Km Vertical rise 110 m Difficulty Easy Departing from Belmont
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Champ du Feu is the highest point of the Bas-Rhin at 1099m. Its altitude grassland and domed peatlands create a natural space that is fragile and exceptional in equal measure. Discover this natural area along this signposted walking route. This public route is only open and signposted during the winter season (late December to late February). View map

Further information

Latitude 48.407436821433
Longitude 7.2573136350844
Elevation 110 m
Duration 1h
Lenght 5 Km
Level of difficulty Easy
Car park Parking La Serva
Departure point In front of Chalet du Champ du Feu - La Serva
Nearest station Fouday


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