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Hiking trail H08: Around Saulxures

  • OTVB / PrĂĽckner
Duration Half-day Length 11 Km Vertical rise 279 m Difficulty Intermediate Departing from Saulxures
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Hiking around Saulxures is a great way to enjoy the gentle landscapes. Saulxures is probably far older than 1513, when it is first recorded. The background of the name is disputed. Some say it comes from salt, while others believe it was a place where willows (saules in French) grew. The village was renamed "Salzern" after annexation to the Reich in 1871. It had 1,200 inhabitants in the 19th century, compared with 530 today. View map

Further information

Latitude 48.392510000591
Longitude 7.1311971712113
Elevation 279 m
Duration Half-day
Lenght 11 Km
Level of difficulty Intermediate
Car park Parking at Saulxures town hall
Departure point Saulxures Town Hall
Nearest station Saint-Blaise-la-Roche


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