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Heritage discovery in Bruche Valley as a family

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A day brimming with discoveries. In the morning: set off on an adventure along the archaeological discovery trail of the Donon. Located at the crossroads of four departments at an elevation of 1,009 m, the Donon is a legendary major telluric site and a Pagan place of worship that captures the imagination. The fun hike will take you to the summit on a journey dotted with riddles. You'll have to be curious and observant to find the clues that will help you solve the puzzles as a family. Lunch: at Le Velleda, a restaurant at the Col du Donon mountain pass, come and savour Thierry's delicious cuisine or enjoy the peace and quiet of the place for a picnic. In the afternoon: head off for a guided tour of the Mutzig Fort, the largest fortress in Europe in 1914. In a lush green setting, immerse yourself in the fascinating history and technical innovations at this giant fortress. View map

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Latitude 48.507955991032
Longitude 7.1478997512207


  • Grandfontaine

    Restaurant Le Velleda

  • Grandfontaine

    Treasure hunt the Donon

    Visit the Donon with your family and have fun! This fun-filled outing takes you to the top of Donon on a route packed with riddles. Be curious, keep y...

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