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Permanent orienteering: Serva sector

  • OTVB
Duration 2h Length 3 Km Difficulty Easy Departing from Belmont



Natural space created by the Departmental Council and Foyer Oberlin de La Broque and mapped by the Departmental Orientation Course Committee providing a fun-filled orientation experience for all ages. The start point is on the Bas-Rhin Departmental Council's forecourt in Champ du Feu. How does it work? The game involves finding symbolic wooden markers between sunset and sunrise on the site. View map

Further information

Latitude 48.407629971671
Longitude 7.2573505092621
Duration 2h
Lenght 3 Km
Level of difficulty Easy
Car park Parking Champ du feu - La Serva
Departure point Chalet du Champ du feu - La Serva
Nearest station Fouday

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