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Monique Bierry



There are magical and secret places like this in Bruche. They're worth it. Once you experience it, you can't forget it. There's a particular charm to them. That bewitches you. And never lets go... I've been walking this plateau, through the village of Fréconrupt, Malplaquet and Salm for 40 years. It's a few minutes from La Broque. But I have the same feeling every time: I explore my inner self in this landscape that I know by heart. And it's like an "out of body experience" in a kindly environment too. Like following in the footsteps of a "solitary walker" in a "mini Switzerland". Then again, the Mennonites aren't far away... I'm always thrilled to see the great oak they planted. Trees and meadows, colours and fragrances that change with the season, unspoilt birdsong... This privileged natural environment is a feast for the senses. It also exudes history. Just like the Passers Trails, the Mennonites and their cemetery, Salm and its château, poetry and its troubadours. View map

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Latitude 48.472396
Longitude 7.186494

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