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Chasser dans la Haute-Vallée de la Bruche

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Vallée de la Bruche



Hunting is governed by specific regulations related to local law in Alsace. Hunting lots are sold at auction for 9 years (municipal) or 12 years (state). Only the seller and their guests are allowed to hunt here based on the Administration's hunting plan. One exception: hunting is permitted in Haslach near the fantastic William II hunting pavilion where everyone can try their hand at hunting in line with the terms detailed below. To hunt in Alsace French hunters must have a valid hunting permit for the area and insurance. Foreign hunters must have an individual hunting permit. ˘, Information: Departmental Federation of Bas-Rhin Hunters + 33 (0)3 88 79 12 77 When? All year round except during legal closing months. What types of hunting? Hunting from a hide/tracking: guided or unguided outings. Drive hunting: different options available, full day or 3-4 day stay. View map

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Latitude 48.465750923679
Longitude 7.2022247314453

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