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Themed trail: The Donon, a sacred mountain

  • OTVB
Duration 2h30 min Length 4,2 Km Vertical rise 270 m Difficulty Intermediate Departing from Grandfontaine
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The Donon rises to an altitude of 1009m. It is at the crossroads between Alsace and Lorraine, and is the meeting point of four French departments. Human settlement here dates from the Neolithic era. It was a sacred site for the Celts and the Gallo-Romans. It is still a special place, where history meets legend. In all seasons, the Donon expresses a strange charm and offers breathtaking views. View map

Further information

Latitude 48.507908417086
Longitude 7.1469926834106
Type of marking Club vosgien Explanatory signs
Elevation 270 m
Duration 2h30 min
Lenght 4,2 Km
Level of difficulty Intermediate
Car park Parking opposite the Upper Donon forest house
Departure point Upper Donon Forest House
Nearest station Schirmeck



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