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Sauerkraut, Baeckeoffe à la carte Flammekueche available on weekends in the evening View map


  • Saint Blaise la Roche

    Hiking trail C23: Plaine and the Falle lake

    Trail recommended by Gilbert Preisemann:
    The hike will take you through the village of Plaine with its fountains before arriving at the Falle lak...

  • Plaine

    Hiking trail C14 : Sentier du Drapeau - Die Kämpfe vom 14. August 1914

    The story of a square of fabric bearing the imperial eagle that fell into the hands of the first light infantry battalion on August 14th 1914 during t...

  • Rosheim

    Inter-territory cycling circuit - From the Rhine to the Vosges

    Let's cycle from the Rhine plain to the Bruche springs! Between the plain, the forest and the summits, you will take a real breath of fresh air, all t...

  • Schirmeck

    Cycling circuit C26: From Salm to La Falle via La Perheux

    From the Princes of Salm to the Counts of Ban de la Roche, this is the programme for your route! Discover the peaceful pastures of the ancient princip...

  • Schirmeck

    Cycling circuit H07: From Schirmeck to Saâles

    Leaving from Schirmeck, this route takes you through the Bruche valley to Saâles, the last town in Alsace before the Vosges department. From the slope...

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