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Restaurant Neuhauser

La Broque



Alsatian specialities à la carte, Sauerkraut with duck, duck foie gras with prunes, game terrine. View map


  • La Broque

    Themed trail : Le sentier du Château de Salm

    "This 4km loop along a partly preserved medieval path leads to the Château de Salm, nestled in a stunning green haven. It was built at the turn of th...

  • Urmatt

    Hiking trail B09: The tour of the Bruche valley

    This long hike is a journey that lasts a few days and is designed to show you some of the most beautiful sites in the valley. The route has been desig...

  • La Broque

    Themed trail : The Smugglers Trail

    This trail attests to the courage of the people smugglers who risked their lives to help fugitives escape from occupied Alsace between 1941 and 194...

  • La Broque

    Outdoor stroller circuit C01: Poetry path

    Close to the Hotel-Restaurant Neuhauser, a small road leads you to the Path of Poetry. There are 18 signs to read along this path celebrating nature, ...

  • Rothau

    Hiking trail C16 : The valley of Albet

    When heritage sites stand alongside natural sites, you are caught in the magic of the setting. The Great Oak is over 200 years old having been planted...

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