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Ferme auberge du Promont




Located in the heart of the forest near the GR531 hiking trail. Specialities: unique menu made using farm produce. Homemade desserts, dairy products. Livestock: ducks, cockerels, rabbits, calves, pigs, lambs. How to get here: from Ranrupt towards Col de Steige then Champ du Feu (D214) Take the left-hand path (5km from Col de Steige). View map


  • Ranrupt

    Hiking trail H12: From Haut-Ranrupt to Hauts-Bois

    Following the course of the Haut-Bois stream, set off to conquer the heights of the village of Ranrupt, where you'll enjoy uninterrupted views over th...

  • Ranrupt

    Hiking trail H11: From Fonrupt to Promont

    This stunning walk through the Vosges mountain is, in itself, an open-air history book. You can't miss a trip to the church before leaving Fouday. All...

  • Bellefosse

    Hiking trail CDF01: The domain of Ban de la Roche

    Bellefosse, or BĂ©foss in the local dialect, was part of the feudal domain of Ban de la Roche. The hike will take you to the hills of Bellefosse, up to...

  • Ranrupt

    Hiking trail H13: Farms and farmhouse restaurants near Ranrupt

    Walk along the footpaths on the hills of the village of Ranrupt and visit the hamlet of Fonrupt, a real haven of peace. On the way treat your taste bu...

  • Bellefosse

    Hiking trail CDF12 : The upper Bruche valley

    A woodland trail on the paths and forest roads around the CĂ´te de Plaine within the Vosges and Alsace with the highlight being the Chatte Pendue peaki...

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