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Restaurant Au Bon Pêcheur

Colroy la Roche



Pikeperch fillet with sauerkraut and Riesling sauce, fillet of beef “Vieux Strasbourg” style, totsche( potatoe pancake), Baeckeoffe, sauerkraut View map


  • Urmatt

    Hiking trail B09: The tour of the Bruche valley

    This long hike is a journey that lasts a few days and is designed to show you some of the most beautiful sites in the valley. The route has been desig...

  • Colroy la Roche

    Hiking trail H03 : The port of Stampoumont

    The vast plateau of Stampoumont under the Grand Alham is one of the best examples of rural Vosges architecture. The hamlet is part of the Ranrupt area...

  • Ranrupt

    Hiking trail H04: The Climontaine hamlets

    A hike in hilly landscapes typical of highland areas. Explore the villages of La Climontaine, following a provincial road from Col du Hantz that cross...

  • Bellefosse

    Hiking trail CDF12 : The upper Bruche valley

    A woodland trail on the paths and forest roads around the Côte de Plaine within the Vosges and Alsace with the highlight being the Chatte Pendue peaki...

  • Colroy la Roche

    Cycling circuit H01: Via Stampoumont and Le Promont

    The village of Ranrupt and the hamlet of Stampoumont are among the finest examples of rural architecture in Vosges. Vast, magnificent farms with lives...

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