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Restaurant La Schlitte

La Broque


Christophe and Patricia Munch welcome you in a warm wooden setting on the edge of the forest, with a beautiful shaded terrace. Private parking. Traditional menu and market suggestions. Daily menu (14€ to 20€) and market menu during the week. Gourmet menus on weekends (between 38€ and 42€ depending on the composition) View map


  • La Broque

    Hiking trail: From Memory to History

    "This walk takes you through a haven of peace and quiet where the Bruche rises at an altitude of 660 m, then crosses a vast basin, the Hang glade. The...

  • La Broque

    Treasure hunt: The adventures of Rose and Louis in Ă  La Broque

    Discover the history of Leopold and Catherine! Rose and Louis found at the library of La Broque a very old book of tales... It is the story of a knigh...

  • Schirmeck

    Hiking trail C17: Around places of worship

    The many religious buildings on this urban walk reflect the Bruche Valley's Jewish, Protestant, Catholic and Mennonite communities.

  • VallĂ©e de la Bruche

    Mountain bike circuit: The heights of Schirmeck

    A small circuit accessible to all VVT lovers, with or without muscular VVT. From the station, you can ride this 8 km forest loop on the heights of the...

  • Rothau

    Hiking trail C16 : The valley of Albet

    When heritage sites stand alongside natural sites, you are caught in the magic of the setting. The Great Oak is over 200 years old having been planted...

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